Casal de Muticus imperatorQuintalpavos is Portuguese Peafowl farm.

In addition to Peafowl, we also raise several varieties of ornamental pheasants and hens. The farm facilities were built according to the Portuguese Veterinary National Authority (Direcção Geral de Veterinária) recommendations, relatively to bio-safety measures which have the purpose of reducing the risk of bird flu transmission.

With the application of a medical and sanitary prophylaxis plan, which was implemented with the orientation of our practitioner veterinarian, we intend to guarantee healthy animals.

A breeding farm with space and quality is our motto.

Currently there are 185 varieties of Peafowl recognized by UPA (United Peafowl Association). In the Quintalpavos we have 18 distinct varieties. The great majority of these varieties of Peafowl are still poorly known. One of our goals is precisely to show the wide diversity of colors and patterns shown by Peafowl. The good results in breeding ornamental birds, as well as on any another breeding system, depend on the personnel’s devotion, knowledge and information upgrade.

This is our way of being and it is also the way we dedicate to our birds .



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